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    The System.

    Playdate is familiar, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It has a very special black and white screen – not backlit, but super reflective – that looks way more amazing than you’re probably imagining.

    An exploded view of the internals of a Playdate device.

    It also has a peppy little processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (coming soon), and a surprisingly loud loudspeaker. And when you’re not using it, the screen doesn’t turn off – it becomes a very nice low-power clock!

    The Design.

    Thanks to our friends at Teenage EngineeringPlaydate looks incredible. It’s colorful. It fits in your pocket. And we worked hard to make sure buttons feel perfectly clicky and that the crank action is silky smooth.

    A hand holding a Playdate device.

    The Crank.

    Yes, the crank. Is it a gimmick? Nah. Does it charge Playdate’s battery? Nope. Is it really fun? Yes yes yes. It’s an analog controller that flips out from the side, allowing you to precisely dial in the action. Not every game uses it, but some really do, like Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, below.

    The Season.

    Here’s the truly unique bit. Playdate isn’t just an empty system. Once you set up your Playdate, you’ll start to receive two brand new games… every week. For 12 weeks.

    That’s 24 free games, in lots of genres. Some are short. Some are long. Will you love them all? Probably not. Will you have a great time trying them? Absolutely.Wait! No spoilers, please!